Saving lives by empowering people

Company description

Founded in 2017 in Berlin, we are a science-driven company that enables the translation of artificial intelligence into action for healthcare.

We unleash the power of AI to go the next step in medicine: Building AI-based models and solutions for better prevention, treatment and understanding of diseases.

Our key competence is the development of AI models infused by medical domain knowledge for the healthcare industry, whereby our offering are solutions with direct impact for our customers. 

AI as a Service

  • Privacy enhancing technologies (PET)
  • Trustworthy by design
  • Existing toolbox for various indications
  • Pipelines for Data exploration, validation and use case development
  • Model engineering, operation and maintenance
  • Software development support

AI-based solutions

  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Patient applications
  • SW & App dev support

Dr. Dietmar Frey

Founder & CEO

Dr. Tabea Kossen


Vanessa Fischer


Adam Hilbert


Dr. Vince Madai

Scientific Advisor

  • MSc Artificial Intelligence
  • 5+ years in stroke research
  • Startup and industry experience
  • Matching needs of customers with AI solutions
  • Medical Doctor and Neurosurgeon @Charite (15+ years)
  • Director of Charité Lab for AI in Medicine (
  • Passionate about bringing AI solutions into practice
  • TU Berlin and Charité Graduate
  • Deep Medical AI expertise (GAN, Medical Imaging)
  • Customer project experience
  • Business Development and Fundraising
  • 8+ years working experience in the finance and investment industry with focus on Tech B2B
  • Medical Doctor, Senior Medical AI Researcher and Neuroscientist
  • 10+ years in stroke research
  • AI ethicist 
  • Ensures trustworthy AI development